If you can stand the heat…

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With homeowners looking to improve rather than move from their homes, Dean Chughtai highlights some current towel rail and radiator style trends.

With the development of luxury products such as Jacuzzi baths, walk-in showers and wet rooms has helped to change the perception of the bathroom as a simply functional space. With increasing numbers of customers taking an interest in the style and efficiency of their heating appliances, designer radiators and heated towel rails are becoming commonplace. Many radiator manufacturers, such as Stelrad, now offer a range of visually appealling products specifically designed to suit any bathroom and budget.

Heated towel radiators act as both a towel hanger and a radiator, and are now being fitted in many modern bathrooms to save space. Towel rails heat up quickly and maintain their heat warmth, providing heating not just for the towels, but the rest of the room as well. After all, who wants to step out of the shower or bath during the colder months of the year and face drying themselves with a cold towel?

The design of heated towel rails has evolved over the years, moving from simple, ladder styles, such as the Esprit, to chrome and steel designs, available in various spiral and symmetrical shapes, such as the Optica. To ensure longevity, towel rails should be seamlessly welded and finished in the highest quality to prevent any rusting or blemishes for the humid bathroom environment.

One key decision when choosing a towel radiator is whether the towel rail is to be used as the primary source of heat for the bathroom, or if it is to complement another emitter. This usually depends on the size of the bathroom itself, which in turn dictates how much wall space is available.

Whatever model chosen it should be proportional to the room size, in order to provide the desired heating conditions.