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Bunk Beds

Now here’s the deal, I have two kids and I am lucky enough to have a 3 bedroom house. Like many homes we have 2 large bedrooms and one smaller (box) room, so the kids could have their own room but the box room houses the combi boiler and realistically isn’t big enough once your child is out of a cot. So luckily I got a computer/treadmill room and the kids got to share. At first this was no problem, my wife bought bunk beds that separated and we allowed the kids to have single bed each. The beds seemed massive with our little ones asleep in them, but alas children soon grow and the amount of necessities/toy/teddies/crap they accumulate is unbelievable as I’m sure any parent can testify!
When the eldest child reached 6 years of age (recommend age use by most bunk bed manufacturers) we put the bunk beds together, it absolutely amazed me how much amazement the kids found at this task! Once completed the kids couldn’t wait to get on them. We explained to the younger child (4 years old) that she was not allowed to go on the top bunk as she wasn’t old enough, which didn’t go down to well, but I showed them how easy it was to make the bottom bunk into a ‘den’ by tucking sheets under the top bunks mattress and the bottom bunk was also very ‘cool’.
We went to bed worried how they would get on and when we woke in the morning we could here the kids playing. To our surprise the little one was on the top bunk! But kids will be kids. Several months have passed and we can’t believe how the kids disappear upstairs to play in their room (now it has some floor space in it) and on their beds.
The bottom line is I would whole heartedly recommend getting bunk beds for your kids, the beds that separate are what we purchased and they give you the option to use the beds individually if required. We also bought the standard single size beds hoping that we could use them for years as the kids grow, however I have found a number of bunk beds on-line that have smaller dimensions in bed legth and width allowing the perfect fit for your child needs or rooms requirements.
If you only have one child they’re worth considering for the inevitable ‘sleep overs’ kids like to have, there are many styles and designs and I have even come across a double bed bottom bunk and single top, the Triple Bunk Bed. We love ours and hope you consider buying one.
Thanks for reading.

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