Dine In Style

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With what little summer we had looking as if it is already on its way out, most people will be moving back inside as the nights close in. What better way to spend a cold evening with the family that around one of these stunning dining tables. Available with some beautiful upholstered chairs  to really complete the look.

Firstly let me present the Kudos Large Dining Table (Right) built using high-quality, sustainable darkwood, with no veneers in sight, just solid ask with a hard wearing lacquer applied to ensure that your dining table can withstand the knocks and bumps of cutlery and plates, especially during the busy festive period.

You can almost imagine family and friends around these tables at Christmas, party hats, crackers and a lovely meal.

Both these dining tables feature Heavy duty packaging – carton, corner protectors and fleece to ensure your item arrives with you in A1 condition.

For a more Contemporary finish the Aston Oak Dining Table is built to a slightly more contemporary design and features solid oak and some veneers to ensure the furniture looks its best. Much like it’s darkwood counterpart, features a hard wearing lacquer to ensure that your furniture stays in top condition for a long to to come.

You’ll never want to eat in front of the TV again with these dining tables from House 2 Home Megastore