Add A Touch of Colour To Your Room with a Rug

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When you’ve finally chosen the perfect colour tone for your walls, selected the most luxurious carpet and added furniture to a newly decorated room, a new rug can be the final piece in the home decoration puzzle.

With the ability to add a touch of character or ambience to your room, a new rug can be an essential style tool and suited for any room in your home.

Choosing Between a Traditional and Modern Rug
The type of rug you choose will depend on many factors including room setting, personal style and the space available. Traditional rugs will support a room’s natural design without overpowering it. Crafted from a range of sumptuous fabrics and warm weaves, the function of a traditional rug transcends mere design. Add warmth to a wood floor, add tone to natural carpets or just create a sophisticated ambience in any room. The function of traditional style and design is multiple.

However, traditional rugs are not for everyone. If you have already selected a neutral colour or base palette for your room, a bold and colourful modern rug could be the creative spark that really brings your room to life. With a wide range of colours, styles, sizes and patterns available, the only thing holding you back is your own taste or imagination.

Weaving Magical Comfort
Once you have settled on a style, you will need to choose a fabric. Whether you want the soft feel of synthetics or the warm feeling of pure wool between your toes, you’re sure to find a rug suitable for you. Fans of a contemporary rug design will also be able to choose from our super stylish shaggy rug collection and our range of long pile rugs. As well as adding a textured dimension to any room, these rugs provide greater durability and stain resistance.

Jumpking Bounce to the Top!

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Jumpking are manufacturers of trampolines and trampoline accessories and are growing in popularity at a tremendous rate. Trampoline have been available for quite some time now, however, what Jumpking have done is manufactured trampoline to a very high standard, and taken all aspects of safety extremely seriously and used it as a major selling point.

Other great features of Jumpking include the up and under design of springs to increase bounce and slightly redesigned safety enclosure and they also have many intriguing and innovative optional extras such as play tens, camping tents, shoe holder and ladders etc.

Jumpking trampolines are not only great fun, but they are a great way to exercise while having fun, and have teamed up with the British Heart Foundation to promote the positives of  trampolining and exercise to help combat the growing problem of child obesity within the UK. This bouncing with health campaign has been endorsed by sporting celebrities such as England cricket captain Andrew Strauss and the British Lion Captain and England Rugby International Lewis Moody as they try to promote children to get active.

Trampolines however can be great fun for all the family, and are now being used as a form of training by top sports people that are part of the extreme sporting category. Such sports include wake boarding and skate boarding etc. With the addition of the Jumpkings jump board children and adults alike can practice ‘tricks’ or ‘moves’ related to their specific sport or for some just try to balance on the board while bouncing is challenging enough!

Trampoline do have a weight limit, so if you are larger in proportions then you might have to purchase one of the larger trampolines in order to get bouncing, but if you can afford it, and have the space, then always opt for as large a trampoline as possible, because they’re more fun and there’s more space to manoeuvre.

Jumpking manufacture these products and they are only available to purchase from well established, trust worthy companies, so this summer get the kids something they’ll enjoy playing with, and that will improve their health too.

How To Keep The Kids Entertained This Summer

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With the warm weather already here, and the summer holidays rapidly approaching it’s time to start thinking how to keep the kids entertained during the long summer holidays. We’ve got some suggestions that get the children outside and exercising rather than plugged into some games console.

The Jungle Gym Chalet is the perfect outdoor climbing frame, a large tower with a unique wood balcony and roof. The Chalet includes a fun phone, steering wheel and sandpit or pic-nic table underneath. Bucket module included to transport materials between ground and first floor. Climbing frame is available with a yellow, blue, green or red 3 metre slide. How better to keep kids entertained outside than with this unique climbing frame, with plenty to keep the kids entertained and active, everything from a bucket to transport things up to the balcony to a steering wheel and fun phone.

But if that is not enough for you then The Jungle Gym Chalet can be customised with extra ‘modules’ to add even more fun and excitment, everything from The Jungle Gym Rock Module that creates a challenging climbing wall which will easily attach to the climbing tower or larger ‘modules’ such as The Jungle Gym Bridge Module that includes a climbing wall, ramp with climbing rope as well as a steel suspension bridge to join to the main tower. Potentially giving unlimited hours of fun and great for those long sunny summer’s days.

Or how about a Toy Tractor? I always wanted one as a child and they have come a long way from 4 wheels and some pedals, The John Deere Ride On Tractor With Excavator features a realistic opening bonnet, spacious front loader, rear excavator and adjustable seat. The toy tractor is available in the traditional John Deere Green and Yellow finish and features anti slip pedals. Ride on toy tractors have a covered internal chain drive as well as a blow moulded structure for extra safety and strength. The Rolly Junior range has a 3 year guarantee. Various trailers and accessories are also available, such as trailers, even a Road Sweeper!

Add the Finishing touch to your Garden with a Water Feature

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When you think of water features, the first thought that comes to mind is angels pouring water or cherubs. But Water Features do not have to be twee. Below we have some contemporary suggestions to add that finishing touch to your garden.

The Kohala 3 Polished Tubes Water Feature is definately not traditional or twee, with three tall stainless steel tubes glistening in the sun as water flows down their sides. Adding perhaps some vertical definition, or standing proud of an area of bedding plants. But that’s not all, the Kohala 3 Polished Tubes Water Feature gets even better as the sun goes down.

At the base of the tubes is a set of colour changing LED’s that reflect off the flowing water to bring the water feature to life and make sure that even though the sun has gone down, the water feature can still be a focal point of the garden.

The Pièce de résistance of this water feature has to be the unique bio-ethanol reservoirs on top of each tube, these can be filled with Bio-Ethanol and set alight to give a living flame atop the water feature, meaning the Kohala 3 Polished Tubes Water Feature will be the centre of attention, night or day.

Giant 1.74m Stainless Steel Water Wall Cascade is a self contained water feature made from grade 304 stainless steel. The water feature consists of 2 halogen lights, a 10m mains cable and just needs water adding which allows easy installation indoor or outdoor. The halogen lights add further reflections off of the falling water to give real depth to this unique steel water feature.

The self-contained nature of this water feature means this water feature can freestand on the patio or in between some taller plants to really add that contemporary touch to your garden

UK house prices to rise 8% in next three years

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Global real estate firm CBRE says UK house prices could rise by up to 8% over the next three years, with London properties increasing by as much as 22%.

Although values are expected to fall marginally in 2012, CBRE’s latest house price forecast believes UK house prices will start to rise again next year. Central London properties will continue to outperform the wider housing market, with values increasing by 6% in 2012, and by a total of 22% over the next three years.

Jennet Siebrits, CBRE’s head of residential research, said: “Despite the market being characterised by monthly fluctuations, the longer-term outlook for the housing market is fairly static. We don’t expect it to pick up until the economy fundamentally improves.

“Low interest rates are continuing to stave off repossessions and forced sales, but a substantial proportion of would-be buyers remain unable to move. Ultimately, bank lending still needs to loosen further to spur on housing market activity.”

With these restrictions, people originally looking to move are choosing to improve on their existing property and spend what would now be required as a large deposit on a new mortgage onto DIY or home improvements, such as ripping out that old Fireplace and back boiler or re-do the garden or kitchen. These projects tend to have a more immediate satisfaction, certainly compared to going through the stages of buying a house!