Kudos to you!

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Kudos is truly a great word, meaning ‘award, honor, compliment, praise and more recently congratulations’, I personally recall it as one of the ‘in’ word back in the eighties, however it seems to becoming back into use and popularised once more. Most noticeably on the Kudos furniture collection that uses one of the finest natural solid hard woods, ash, to create long-lasting designer statements that have superb finish and functionality in mind. Kudos is most fitting a title to such items that are created and delivered to your home in one solid piece, these are sturdy items designed to last and last, if moving they should be transported as a solid unit as the construction of such items are part of the appeal and should not be attempted to be dismantled by any one, unless they have honed wood working skills as the structure may be weakened or the glorious finish damaged in some way. For if you own a products which mother nature has lovingly created and skilled carpenters have hand crafted, you learn to treat it with the respect and the admiration it deserves, and if you do you can pass the admired piece on through generations to come. For a glimpse of the Kudos range and all the varied pieces in the collection visit House2Home Megastore, online traders skilled in the art of making a house a home.

I can have a fireplace with no chimney!

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Yes, the best way to achieve a gorgeous fireplace if you don’t have a chimney is to invest in an electric fireplace suite. These suites are exceptional value for money, and are usually put together using the most popular products from each manufacturer. Most electric suites arrive completely assembled and, once un-wrapped, and simply be plugged in to become operational and you can have up to 2kW heat output instantly.
When it comes to fitting electric suites they are extremely easy to do, apart from plugging them in they usually simply sit next to a flat wall. All suites should come with fixing to secure them to the wall for added safety, as we wouldn’t want one falling onto a child or pet etc.
Most leading fireplace manufacturers provide a version of electric suites as they allow a fireplace to be the focal point in homes that would traditionally not have a fireplace feature ie homes without a flue of flats/appartements etc. Many electric suites are intentionally made of lightweight material of veneered wood to ensure they can be lifted and manoeuvred to hard to reach homes.
Electric suites now come with a large range of options and variations so it is well worth taking the time to visit the showrooms or surf the sites to make sure you get the perfect look and design for your home. If you ever move, simply remove the suite and take it with you, so people renting can make their house a home too.
Some of the options include different flame effects, the led being the most popular at present as it looks great and saves the environment and money too. Many electric suites have an option for a remote, or come with a remote as standard, but don’t worry as there is always a manual override control for when the control gets tidied away!
With so much choice and ease of installation you could have the perfect fireplace to hang the stockings from this Christmas!

La Roque Furniture Collection

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A supreme collection of household furniture, hand crafted from the finest materials, in this case solid mahogany, that has been designed and finished to the highest of standards.

The La Roque furniture collection has a higher price tag, which could be expected of such a high quality product, but when you consider the furniture is designed to last for generations, and may be passed on through generations and cherished from owner to owner, you start to realise that these aren’t merely objects to fulfill a need or requirement, but may be thought of more as pieces of furniture to share and enjoy your life with, hence it obvious that they are exceptional value for money.

The La Roque collection will bring style and elegance to your home, and no matter which pieces of the collection you have in your home they are sure to bring a smile of contentment when using such beautifully crafted items and make the most humble feel that they have achieved much, to deserve such quality.
For those who do not have a furniture set like the La Roque collection desire to have it, and those who do can feel happy to be the envy of so many!