Crystal Fires a Sparkle in UK Fire Manufacturing

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Crystal Fires are one of the best gas fire and electric fire producers in the UK, but unfortunately in the past they have sometimes not considered by the consumer as larger more globalised fire manufacturers have marketed their products more effectively and have larger fund resources advertising and product placement then this UK-based customer.
Despite coming from more humble beginnings then some of the larger companies, the Crystal Fires company is rapidly becoming one of the UKs leading manufacturers in fires. The company started out retailing fires from a small shop in Liverpool, two brothers with over thirty years of relevant experience worked tirelessly to promote products they believe in.
From the small retailer beginnings they have moved to now have an extensive Crystal Fires factory that overlooks the historical Aintree racecourse in Liverpool and have Crystal Fires retailers throughout the UK and online too.
The secret to their success has been the company’s focus on build quality and efficiency, and over the past twenty years in the business Crystal Fires have created many award winning designs and have come to be respected within the industry.
What I find great about the company is they have always kept true to their build quality and efficiency policies, and this sometimes means they are overlooked by the consumer as they can find cheaper similar products, but as we all look to be more efficiency, as it saves us money, and we all look to support the UKs industry, as it is better for the environment (less carbon footprint), we are looking towards companies like Crystal fires that have maintained that the design, manufacture, assembly, testing and packing of their fires all takes place in Great Britain.
Crystal Fires have also implemented select criteria for their products to help maintain a fair selling field for the shop and web based retailer. Crystal Fires are fully that web based retailers can often retail their products cheaper, as their over-heads are less, so if you wish to buy a Crystal Fire online you will have to call the company to attain a price. This is to make sure that the company is a genuine one; if you have any questions about the fire a genuine company will be happy to answer the questions or provide you with the Crystal Fires number to be able to ask them directly. All Crystal Fires Gas fires have a stunning 5 year manufacturer’s warranty too, which is far longer than many others in the industry.
The build quality and efficiency of the Crystal Fires range is superb, and as you can see be the pictures of their gas and electric fires their design is sublime. I implore you to consider one of these fantastic Crystal Fires when shopping and keep the flag flying high.

How To Childproof Your Fireplace

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There’s nothing more exciting for babies who’ve just started crawling, than exploring what’s around them, whether it’s a cupboard, a shoe or a staircase. And there’s nothing more horrifying for a parent than seeing their little bundle of joy approaching an unprotected fireplace. That’s why it’s really important to make sure that your fireplace is fully protected and inaccessible for your child, no matter how fast they become.
First things first, make sure that any small, loose objects, such as matches and gas keys, are well out of reach of curious little fingers.
Ensure that the tools that you use for your fire, like pokers, brushes and tongs, cannot be pulled or knocked over.
Invest in a good quality Fire Guard, which will be cool to touch, should your little darling escape your clutches.
Before they even get to the hearth, a fireplace hearth isn’t the most friendly place to be, with sharp edges and hard surfaces. To keep your child from the hearth, it could be worth using a gate to keep children away from fire, tools and hearth.
But while they protect your child, they’re not very attractive and might ruin the aesthetic of your romantic fire on a cold night. Therefore, if a gate isn’t the look you’re going for, you could try foam hearth cushions or adhesive padding, which are easily removed once a certain someone is getting its beauty sleep.
Most importantly, don’t leave your child unattended near a fire, whether it’s burning or not – even without the flames, it’s a not a good place for a small person.
It’s worth remembering that even if you take all these steps, fireplaces are still hazardous, however big or small you are. Think about what a fireplace might look like to you if you hadn’t been in the world very long and what other measures you need to take to make it safe. After all, once you’ve put in the effort to make it safe, you can all enjoy the comfort and warmth that your fireplace brings.

Europa Fireplaces Electric Suite Range

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Europa Fireplaces have constantly updated all of their ranges of products throughout the year, and the latest products range that has had a make over is the Europa Fireplaces Electric Suites. Europa Fireplaces can now boast an extremely large and impressive range of complete electric fireplace suites that have arrived just in time for the 2011 Autumn heating season.
This new collection of electric fire suites comes in an array of stylish finishes and effects that include stone, marble, granite, natural effect oak, clear oak, mahogany etc Basically something for everyone’s tastes and designed to look great in either modern contemporary or more traditional settings. For the best look at this impressive range of electric fireplace suites see house2home megastore’s zoom feature, it gives you a look at products but in much more detail or alternatively visit the Europa Fireplaces website

Bathroom Makeover

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cramped bathroom with no room for storage spaceBefore And After:

This tiny room battled postage stamp size dimensions, a sloping ceiling and small window.

Before: This bathroom is L-shaped, has a sloping ceiling over the bath and one tiny window – so getting any kind of character into the scheme, while adding storage space, was a real project.So how did it succeed?

So How Did It Succeed?

Build In Storage

There wasn’t much choice for the layout of this room, so the only space for storage was above the loo. Combining hidden storage with open shelving allows for both a tidy space that has an element of display – a must if you want to bring some character into a small room.

Create A Light Scheme

To enhance space, the scheme was basically all-white, with hints of blue in the tiles, towels, bottles and the pale blue of the wall behind the toilet and sink. A large mirror sitting above the sink also helps bounce light around the room. Good lighting is also key – find out how to improve your bathroom lighting in this great Channel 4 homes guide.

Find Adaptable Fittings

The tiny proportions of this room, exacerbated by the sloping ceiling above the bath meant that even a full-sized, fixed shower screen was out of the question. So, a folding screen that could be put flat back against the wall meant that the bath was accessible.

Yes, Firebelly get even better!

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This is one of those blogs that is great to write, because everyone can see just by looking at a Firebelly stove they are superb. When Firebelly burst onto the scene with their unique stove design and features such as double-sided stoves the industry was a little unsure, but the Firebelly ranges of stoves, and now cookers, proves exceptionally popular, so much so that Firebelly and Athomeblog are pleased to announce that all of their products now come complete with an impressive 4 year manufacturers warranty.
This basically means you get an exceptional and desirable product, at a phenomenal price, with an exceptional warranty included within the price.

Thinking of going green with a stove?

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Many of us are thinking of becoming more eco-friendly, and efficiency of the products we use is more and more important as fuel bills are constantly rising, so many people are thinking of, or indeed have already, turned to a stove in order to fulfill these requirements. In this article we will be focussing on the Green Stoves company, a company that has been very successful by producing and marketing a fantastic range of traditionally styled stoves and ensuring a high level of quality in the build and the finish. The Green Stoves company has many lovely high-efficiency outset stoves, but more recently the must have item is the inset multi fuel stove. These inset stoves can improve the efficiency of a room by up to 80% and have proven to be very easy to install as they fit into a standard fire opening. Green Stoves unlike other cast iron stove manufacturers have managed to create a great product that still remains very affordable, so if your thinking of going green with a stove, think of green stoves., they could be the stove solution you never thought possible.