Stone and Water: Water Features

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Stone and Water have a superb array of water features for your outdoor garden. Stone and Water create their water features from natural granite, this is a superb material to use for water features as it is naturally beautiful, frost resistant, lasts for a lifetime, and available in many colours and textures that appear slightly different when wet.

The water features that Stone and Water create are highly detailed and look superb when accompanied with the accessories that Stone and Water suggest when installing a water feature. Stone and Water suggest that a reservoir be installed directly under the granite feature, these come in different shapes and sizes, and most importantly different catchment areas. A catchment area is the area from which the water from the feature may fall into, this needs to be large enough to catch as much water as possible, so it can be recycled and used through the feature once again. As you’d imagine a water feature with less of a fountain will generally need less of a catchment area on the reservoir, and one that has a raging fountain will require a larger catchment area due to the splashing.

Stone and Water supply suitable water pumps, as well as any spotty or spot lights, foamers, piping and electrical connections that are designed to be used with each water feature, but you can source your own if necessary, however this would not be advised as Stone and Waters versions of these accessories are designed to be used with their products.

Stone and Waters water features can be found in a few select garden centers across the country, and if you visit the manufacturer website you can simply input your post code and find out the nearest stockest to yourself, and this is well worth doing, and going along to see how great these products are in the flesh, then come home, turn the computer on and get the best deal online, this cutting out the middle man will save you several pounds. For further information on installing a water feature please see our earlier articles on the subject.

What would I do with a Milk Frother?

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It might seem like the strangest question, but one that was actually posed in our very own offices, “what would I do with a Milk Frother?”. Now apart from the obvious snide answers to this question a milk frother can be used for a multiple of tasks, and it is one of those items that once you have one you wonder how you managed without one.
A milk frother is a luxury item, you don’t actually need one, but they will improve your enjoyment of most drinks that are made from milk. To many people they be deemed as pointless, but many professionals kitchens will have a milk frother, and use it to its full potential, but why not have luxury in your kitchen if you can afford to?
The Hostess milk frother for example is a self-contained unit, that plugs into mains electric, (milk frothers are not to be confused with milk whisks, or blenders) obviously they froth up milk, and they do this to varying degrees, the Hostess version has two heat setting and a cool setting because they have recognised the need for hot, warm and cold froth depending on the use of the froth. Some drink ideas for the frother include a hot froth for cappuccino, warm froth for hot chocolate, cold froth for milk shakes, cold froth for ice coffee and the list goes on. If you are feeling particularly inventive then why not create your own infused froth for soups of broths.
A great little kitchen gadget that will make you wonder how you ever managed without one.

Improve your Wine

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If you like the bottle of bubbly or claret then Hostess (yes the company that make the trolleys!) may have the perfect product for you. Hostess has, now available, a few great gadgets that will aid your wine sampling experience, these items are the sort of thing that every wine connoisseur would love, and could be great gift ideas for that person who can tell the difference between a cava, prosecco and champagne, (or think they can!).

Firstly I would like to show you the Hostess range of bottle cooler, Hostess do make the larger chiller cabinets, but also make the single or double bottle cooler. These coolers take bottles that have a diameter of up to 9cm and cool red, white and champagne style bottles anywhere from between 5 to 18 degrees celsius, so you can set the temperature to your preferred coolness for drinking. The double bottle cooler allows you to set each bottle to an individual temperature so if you have different types of wine they can be cooled appropriately.

Hostess also have some rechargeable gadgets that are classy and functional. The rechargeable cork screw is a great aid if you have difficulty opening bottles of wine, it can open up to 40 bottles on 1 charge, but you might need medical attention if you drink the 40 bottles in one go! The rechargeable cork screw comes with the recharging base, mains adapter and foil cutter.

Hostess also have a rechargeable wine preserver that creates a vacuum in the bottle to prolong the life of the wine once opened, this is great for people who only like 1 or 2 glass with a meal as they can then keep the rest for another time. Once fully charged the wine preserver can seal up to 40 bottles of wine, and could be a great help to a home brewer when it comes to bottling up your brew.

Hostess continue to impress and release innovative, high quality products, and we will let you know all about them as they become readily available.

Hostess, with the most……est?!

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Have you ever heard of Hostess? And what does the word Hostess make you think of? If, like me, you are on the wrong side of 30 your ideas may be similar as Hostess makes me think of a female host of a party, airline travel and the Hostess trolley. (Younger readers may not know what a Hostess trolley is as they were a fashionable item in the last millenium, and they were used when hosting family meals or dinner parties)
Well Hostess as a brand are back to being noticed and fashionable, and yes they still produce the trolleys! They still have ones with more of a retro styling finish to them, but they have also been brought up to date by utilising space more efficiently and being available in a wide range of high quality finishes.
The concept of the Hostess Trolley basically remains the same and the main functions of the trolley is to keep plates and food warm and depending on the trolley design this is done in differing ways. Hostess Trolleys are portable, but as they as they are electric they need to be plugged in order to operate.
The Hostess Trolley range is built around a metal frame, that ensures a sturdy and strong frame from which the rest of the trolley is built. As there are such a large selection of finishes there is sure to be one to suite your homely decor and a great way to impress guests.
Hostess now do a large range of wine products that we will be focussing on in the near future, so if you’re a wine lover they are well worth checking out.

Stone and Water Garden Ornaments

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Stone and Water Produce beautiful garden ornaments that are carved and created from natural granite. Because they have been made from such a high quality material means that the garden ornaments not only look fantastic, but they weather extremely well, in fact with many of their pieces Stone and Water can assure that the ornament will last a life time in an outdoor garden. Stone and Water also state that many of their products are completely frost resistant, and it is a most important feature as many other garden ornaments made from inferior materials are inclined to crack when the colder weather comes in and generally when frost starts to happen in the autumn months.

Stone and water not only use a superb natural material that will last for decades, but they take the natural beauty of granite and improve their designs by adding intricate carving to many of the ornaments. Most of the Japanese lantern ornaments and Oriental garden ornaments have also has a pre-drilled hole in them, this is discrete and would probably not be noticed by anyone when the ornaments in is place in the garden, but it allows an electric cable to be run into the ornaments and thus allows lighting to be put into the ornament. Stone and Water obviously supply suitable LED lights that are suitable for this effect but other manufacturers make similar lighting so you don’t have to purchase the lights at the same time, however additional lighting on many of these item looks absolutely fantastic in the evening, and brings added intrigue and excitement to your garden when the sun starts to retire for the day.

Stone and Water products, being natural granite, can come in many natural coloured effect and have a great quality of having a different appearance when wet, this lends then ideally to water features, as well as being in a Great British garden! They are a long-term investment in natural beauty and quality and there is sure to be a suitable products to grace most gardens.