Drugasar increase the heat!

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Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce two gas fire suites that are extremely special and set to be one of the must have items of 2011 and 2012. I give you the Drugasar Cara and Drugasar Grace.

Drugasar have been making high end natural gas and liquid propane gas fires for generations, they are well known for producing the highest quality product possible, and usually the quality of the fires and fireplaces is reflected in the cost of their goods. In my humble opinion with this company though you pay for what you get, they are expensive, but their quality of fires, realism in their fuel effects and standards of finishes are second to none.

We were absolutely amazed when Drugasar released two new complete suites that are truly stunning, and they have the popular and desirable Global 70XT fire in them. Drugasar have included the option to have theses suites as conventional flue or balanced flue, which means they are available for most homes with a gas supply and an external wall.

The Grace and Cara suites come with the beautiful and amazingly realistic log fuel bed effect and the remote control comes as standard, the fireback is available in the options of black or realistic brick effect, this means you can tailor the fire back to suite a contemporary modern room, or a more traditional room.

The Dru Cara has a micro-grain marble fireplace surround, that is made from natural marble that has been crushed, then moulded into shape and set with roughly 4% resin. This process creates a very realistic finish that is cold to the touch like natural marble and keeps the natural marble appearance. The main reasons for using this process are it is much easier to transport crushed marble, and any colour variations or natural blemishes are removed.

The Dru Grace is a solid natural limestone fireplace surround that has a more traditional design and therefore lends itself to a more traditional room set, the Global 70XT fires that accompany both suites look superb, and if you can get to see these in the flesh then do so, as no images I can find online, or in brochures give justice to the quality and realism of the fire a fuel effects.

These gas suites have all the qualities that you would expect from Dru, but what we didn’t expect is the price, it isn’t good, it’s REALLY GOOD! These suites are low in price, for what you’re getting they are a steal, and it looks like Drugasar are trying to get a slice of the mid-budget household trade, and as they these products are always only ever associated with high end properties I’m sure they will be getting a big slice of the action. I just hope they have already made plenty of the suite packages in advance because demand is sure to be very high!

Save £1400 On A New Living Room

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One of our colleagues moonlights as an interior designer and was pricing items up for a new living room, complete with a pair of stunning leather sofas and decided to let us know just how much he has managed to save his undislosed client:

The centre-piece of the room would be a pair of stunning, high-quality leather sofas from the Perlo range. Displayed below in a striking bright red leather but also available in brown, black and ivory. A pair of these, both a two-seater and a three-seater make up the social area of the new living room with the biggest total saving of £700 comes from the two-seater sofa.
Accompanying the pair of sofas in the living room are to be a two-door display cabinet, nest of tables and a bookcase.

These were selected from the Ponderosa range, selected for  it’s high-quality waxed pine finish, coupled with the way each piece of furniture is finished. First a base coat of tinted laquer is applied, this is then finely sanded down to create a uniform and quality finish before a final coat of lacquer is applied to protect the furniture from the natural staining that may occur during everyday life.

Combined with the simple, yet elegant styling of these products meant they would be perfect for the clients living room. All these items are available from House2Home Megastore and are a must have for those looking to completely redesign thier living room, without breaking the bank!

The Naked Flame Portable Range

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The Naked Flame make an impressive range of bioethanol fires that include the extremely popular terrazzo pot range, but they also have portable fires that have larger proportions, that create more of a focal point and a higher heat output.

With the larger portable fires comes a greater design quality, with many of them being able to have fire-proof pebbles as accessories that can make the fire appear to be a permanent feature or more decorative.

As with all of The Naked Flame bioethanol fires they can be used indoors or out and if you are using outdoors you can use a citronella bio-ethanol gel, that will help to keep insects away. Other benefits for a portable bioethanol fire is that there is no need for flues or chimneys, there is no need for expensive installation costs or annual servicing. These products are expected to be very successful in the near future, as they have been in other continents, so be the first person to have one and the envy of your friends and neighbours!

Comfort In Your Living Room

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Dante Cornergroup is a stylish design finished in a high quality category 10-35 or category 55 leather to complement your living room design. The Dante cornergroup is available in a White (shown above), Black, Brown or Red finish to best suit your living room. The stylish cornergroup will look brilliant in any living room and is available with a matching armchair.

Whether it is to sit the sofa into a corner or to create a defined seating area in a larger living space the Dante Corner sofa is a must have. The leather means the bright white colour is both stain resistant and easy to clean, meaning you can enjoy a high-quality leather corner sofa, big enough for the whole family for a substantially reduced price from House2Home Megastore.

Partnered with natural wood flooring and naturally finished furnishings the Dante Sofa can become a focal point of the room, ideal for social gatherings!

Bio-Ethanol Terrazzo Pots

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Bioethanol fires have no smoke and emit tiny amounts of carbon dioxide, so they only provide light and heat from the flame, this means if you use them in the house you do not need a flue or additional ventilation, and this will prevent drafts and heat loss.

The Bio-Ethanol Terrazzo pots are a great way to get the most out of your bio-fuel fire as they are portable. This enables you to have the heat source in the room you are using, or in the garden as and when required. The Terrazzo pot design is made from chips of granite and or marble and the desired colour variations are bonded together to make the design of the pot. These pots made by The Naked Flame look fantastic if placed in an empty fireplace, table top or in a patio/garden setting. To use the pot as a fire you simply have to fill the pots reservoir up to the required level and light, the fire is easy extinguished by using a snuffer, and a suitable snuffer is supplied with every Naked Flame Product.

These Bioethanol fires are set to be the next big thing in the fire, fireplace and gardening industries so be one of the trend setters and get one now and enjoy the late summer evenings with added style and warmth.

Bio-Fuels, what are they?

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Biofuels are at present, the fuel that is set to replace more traditional non-renewable sources of energy, but what is a biofuel and where does it come from? Well, firstly a biofuel is any fuel that comes from a biomass, which is found in any living biological material. Similarly to Petroleum and Coal, a biomass is a form of stored solar energy and unlike many other forms of energy is biodegradable. Biomass can be found as a living thing, or as a by-product from a living thing, so for example: manure emits gases that can be used as biofuels, therefore in this case the cow is the biomass. On the larger scale though plants, or crops, are grown for the purpose of creating biofuel. Not only can crops such as sugar cane and corn be used in the production of biofuels, agricultural, industrial and household waste can be used in the production of biofuels too. As biofuel remains a biodegradable product if the fuel is accidentally spilled there is no effect to the environment, unlike many other fuels.

Actively in development is the production of biofuel to replace the use of natural gas and oil, many developing countries already use biofuels for heating needs as they can grow cheap organic matter and create fuels and gases that have high net energy gain. Many existing fuels can also have biofuel integrated into them to help reduce the environmental effects of non-renewable fuels.

Bio-energy covers approximately 15% of the world’s energy consumption already, and this is sure to increase year on year and in the UK the government subsidises the costs of biofuels to ensure they become increasingly popular with aims of eventually replacing less environmentally non-renewable fuels. With such research and development into biofuels it is only a matter of time before your heating system or vehicle are running on a biofuel.

How To Install A Water Feature

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With the hot weather returning in fine fashion this weekend a lot of people will be heading to the local DIY shop or online before heading out into the garden to do some DIY. Today, thanks to the guys at Stone & Water we have a handy little guide for installing your new water feature.

The first stage is always the most labour intensive: Mark the area for the reservoir and dig an appropriate sized hole, or alternatively dig a round hole slightly larger than the reservoir. HINT: The marking can be done by positioning the reservoir on the ground and then throw sand against the reservoir as shown in the photo. This saves time and means you won’t have to dig as big a hole!

After you have dug the hole, Position the reservoir in the ground so that it is firm and level. It is always worth the time and effort getting this right the first time as it’s always a pain to get to the end and find it is not level.

For heavy features, we recommend that at a mixture of sand & cement is used under the wings for extra strength.

The top of the reservoir should be just above soil level to avoid soil washing into the reservoir and potentially clogging the filter or the pump.

Place the water feature on the reservoir and feed the hose through from the top of the feature. The reservoir lid is normally already drilled for a center hole. this is normally sufficient unless your feature has more than one outlet, then you’d need to drill some more.

Tape the hose at the top end so it fits snugly into the hole or silicone the gap between the hose and the water feature. This is to avoid the water running back down the hole inside the feature.

The top of the hose should normally be around 3inches inside the feature.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a water feature with a light. Feed the light up through the hose from the bottom end. Make sure it is pushed through far enough so that it is easy to change the light bulb and lens when necessary. The excess cable will push back into the hose.

To secure the light you will need to coil a piece of wire around the light and push it into place. The wire will work as a spring and keep the light in place while the water is flowing. Position the light so that it will be covered by the water. At the same time leave it clear of the hose so that it doesn’t restrict the water flow.

Cut a small slit in the bottom end of the hose and pull the cable for the light into the slit.As mentioned above, make sure to leave enough cable in the hose so that you can pull the light free of the feature later to change the bulb/lens.

Attach the hose to the pump and secure with a jubilee clip. You might need to seal around the cable with some tape or silicone to avoid losing too much water and prevent the reservoir running dry.

You can adjust the water flow on the small tap.

If you use multiple outlets from the pump, then you can adjust the top outlet by turning the whole side outlet (The top outlet is fully open when the small tap is pointing upwards, and fully closed when the small tap is turned 90 degrees clockwise like in the photo).

Now place the pump in the reservoir through the hatch. If you have multiple outlets then you might have to position the pump on its side, which should make no difference to its performance.

Fill the reservoir with water and adjust the water flow. It is important that all the water runs back into the reservoir otherwise it will drain very quickly.

If your feature is splashing a lot then you might want to increase the water catchment area by adding a plastic liner around the reservoir. Make sure it is sloping inwards and overlaps the reservoir edge.

Once you are happy with the water flow cover the reservoir with gravel or pebbles of your choice. Now you can sit back and relax while enjoying the view of your new water feature.

SAFTY ADVICE: The 12V transformer for the light MUST be indoors or sheltered from the rain and ALWAYS use a circuit breaker for the pump.

If the water stops flowing then it could simply be that the reservoir has run dry or that you need to clean the filter.

To clean the filter, turn off the pump,  lift the pump out from the reservoir and detach the filter by pressing on the side where you will see two small taps. Rinse the filter under a tap.

New World, made for your world

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New World produce products that are ‘made for your world’, in this case if your world is cookers, hobs and cooker hoods then New world will have a product sure to entice.

New world have a range of freestanding electric and gas cookers, that have built-in hobs. The range has drop down doors, side opening doors, one or two doors, wipe-clean features, white or stainless steel options, pretty much everything you could want in a stand alone oven and more.

New World have also included built-in ovens, and built-in hobs, that are designed to fit seamlessly into the kitchen units and counter tops to achieve a more fitted, bespoke feel to your kitchen. Cleverly New World have designed the built-in models to be available in natural mains gas as well as electric, and the design features run through both types of ovens and hob (and cooker hood). This means if you wish to replace a hob in years to come, that you can simply buy a hob replacement from the range and it will match with the oven. This range also allows an electric oven to be used in conjunction with a gas hob, as people may prefer to have a gas cooker and electric hob, or vice-versa.

New World offer a modest range of ovens, cookers and hobs, but a range that is fit for the purpose it is designed for, and then has added bonuses that set their range above many other manufacturers.