First Glimpse. Apex Bio-Fuel Fires

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With Apex’s new range of Bio-Ethanol fires now on sale, AtHomeBlog got to have a glimpse at two of their freestanding Bio-Ethanol Fires. The Apex Affinity and the Apex Duplex.

The first fire we got to see was the Apex Duplex, a dual purpose unit, combining a 100% efficient bio-ethanol fire with a stylish coffee table. This stunning piece of contempory furniture can instantly become the centrepiece of and modern living space, replacing the traditional and bulky fireplace and surround.

At first look the Duplex in it’s stunning matt black finish with tempered glass fire guards is the definition of contemporary furnishing and when the fire is lit, giving up to 3kW of heat this fire instantly becomes the focal point of the room and bathing the room in that lovely warm glow.
The fire is easy to use, simply fill the reservior and light using a taper, the 1 litre capacity gives up to 5.5 hours of burn time and one of the main advantages of bio-ethanol is that they do not require any flue, installation or ventilation so can be placed almost anywhere in the house!

The other fire we got to have a look at was the Apex Affinity, this freestanding white fire comes complete in a white gloss finish that can contrast beautifully with a dark carpet or darkwood floor, also offering a heat output of upto 3kW these fires offer greater heat output that that of an electric fire without the sound of a noisy fan and at greater levels or reliability.

The sleek modern finish to the Affinity is capped with 2 sheets of tempered glass to protect any children or pets from the hot flames in the centre. The twin levels of the surround help this unit stand out from the very symmetrical world of traditional fireplace surrounds.

Both these fires, The Duplex and the Affinity have the flexibility to be situated either against a wall or in the centre of the room, allowing you to surround the fire as a centrepiece or to situate it against a wall much like a conventional fireplace.

They also boast the flexibility of just having the natural, uninhibited flames dancing in the fire or the fire can be purchased with an additional pebble fuel effect to add that extra little element to these stunning bio-ethanol fires.

These new fires are now on sale at

All You Need Is LEVV

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LEVV produce a range of furniture products for your home that really do take design to the next LEVVel! (sorry).

When I first scanned through their brochure I thought it was just another electrical company, selling off their electrical accessories, as many of LEVVs products have been designed to be used with electrical goods. But, on closer inspection, I was most pleased to find that LEVV are actuaully a company that make electrical furniture that is better than the average electrical furniture as they make they didn’t make the electrical goods too. In other words their furniture is not an addition to other products they are primarily concerned with.

LEVV therefore spend all there efforts on producing the best product quality, with the highest quality design features and finishes available, and because they are competing with the electrical giants of the industry they have had to keep there product prices low, which means you can grab an absolute bargain, that is 3-4 time cheaper than similar mainstreme products.

From what I can see LEVV have an impressive array of TV stands and television cabinets that incorperate innovative design and safety glass shelving. They look very impressive and stylish, not for a traditional finish, but would look great in a modern contemporary setting.

LEVV also have many types of shelving, from black safety glass shelving to mdf floating shelves finished in a high gloss effect finish. My personal favourites in their product range is their premium high gloss cabinet range, which are still affordable, but slightly contemporary in design.

The flagship range for LEVV seem to be the Milano product range, these products all have black safety glass and are finished to a high standard producing a clean, crisp, stylish finish.

Take a look and let us know what you think of the LEVV products, if you would like more information on where to purchase LEVV products from we can help, and if you have a LEVV product and want to tell us about it then please do.

Kitchen Essentials From House 2 Home

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With kitchens ever more becoming a room where design is key we take a closer look into some of the so called ‘white goods’ sold by House 2 Home Megastore and how to make the right decisions when investing in these key kitchen components.

House 2 Home Megastore offer fridges and freezers of the highest quality with a number from British manufacturer Lec offering an A class energy rating.

The Lec 50cm Frost Free Freezer comes complete with the aforementioned A class energy rating as well as  reversible doors allowing for easy installation no matter where in the kitchen they are situated as the doors can be used to open both left and right handed. The Lec Fridge freezer comes complete with a 4* freezer with a capacity of 55l with translucent draws allowing for easy access to the desired foodstuffs. The fridge section comes complete with a dairy compartment, safety glass shelves and a bottle shelf for that special occasion.

For the smaller kitchen, perhaps of a flat or apartment House 2 Home Megastore offer the Zanussi Under Counter Fridge With Icebox. This A rated efficiency fridge boasts a HFC/CFC free refridgerant to prevent any harm to the atmosphere as well as a door housed dairy compartment, full width salad draw and a 4* icebox. Much like the larger Lec fridge freezer the Zanussi boasts reversible door hinging that allows it to be used in almost any situation requiring either left or right handed opening.

No home can be complete to provide one of our most basic needs, clean clothes, and with the Daewoo 1400 spin washing machine it couldn’t be simpler. Rated at an amazing A+AA  energy rating these are very few washing machines on the market that could use less energy for the wash cycle. With memory, soak, extra-soak and rinse hold functions as well as the traditional wool, cotton, delicate and synthetic wash programs this washing machine is all singing all dancing and boasts the Daewoo Steam Wash System and a large 336mm diameter door for easy loading. The Daewoo system is all controlled by an electronic dial with LED light display for ease of use. Unlike most traditional “white goods” which are typically very drab and in an uniteresting cream-white finish, the Daewoo comes in a pure white finish when a metal door trim and black door to highlight the large door and viewing window.

Keep Your Drinks Cool This Summer

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House2Home Megastore is about to launch a new range of drinks coolers from top manufacturer iGENIX, just in time for the lovely summer heat we got a brief taste of the last few weeks.

The iGENIX range of drinks coolers is available in three different sizes ranging from a table top 50 litre unit to the largest 103 litre under counter unit.

Featuring double layered tempered glass with an anti-condensation leayer to maintain an unobstructed view of the drinks inside and with a chic aluminium handle to complement the black glass framing the viewing window. With the 50 litre capable of holding up to 16 bottles of wine using the chrome plated bottle shelves any socialite should not be without a iGENIX drinks cooler to provide cold beverages throughout the summer months.

No Games Room would be complete without the 75 litre table top drinks cooler in the corner. There is no better way to stay refreshed than with a cool drink with friends around the pool table or to stay cool under pressure during a game of cards. Capable of holding up to 25 bottles of wine or countless other beverages making it the perfect partner for those games with friends.

Or if you’re lucky enough to have your own personal bar, the 103 litre under counter unit would be just the ticket to create that professional look, with mechanical temperature control allowing your drinks to be stored at the just the right temperature (between 1 and 3 degrees Celsius i’m told) The advantage of the under counter unit, unlike the table top units features an internal light to showcase the drinks inside, perfect to serve all your friends refreshing beverages on a sunny afternoon with a barbeque.

Ride On Tractor – Rolly Toys

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With summer rapidly approaching, the days getting longer and lighter, the kids are bound to be wanting to play outside and enjoy the lovely weather. With Rolly Toys and their Ride On Tractor range, the kids can have fun outside and potentially help dad with the gardening…

Rolly Toys offer a large range on Ride On Tractors ranging from JCB’s to John Deere to Massey Ferguson. Perfect for the buddying young farmer or child that loves that loves the outdoors.  With a Ride On Tractor playing in the garden on in the park will never be the same, combining both aerobic exercise and a learning opportunity, giving childern the opportunity to learn about how farmers work and use the land.

Rolly Toys are manufacturerd to the latest standards and are constantly examined, right from production, for quality, functional reliability by the way of internal quality assurance. In addition the fuction toys are tested by independent testing institutes in accordance with the European Safety Standard EN 71. Constructed of heavy duty, environmentally compatible plastics these ride on tractors don’t just talk the talk, they will do the dirty work similar to a full size tractor.

And with the help of the optional accessories such as trailers, shovel loaders, flashing lights or backhoe loader these ride on tractors will almost never become boring. Constantly evolving for the changing seasons with a plough and sweeper available for the autumn months and even snow chains and a snow plow for wintery fun!

The huge range of ride on tractors featuring some very well known farming brands such as Claas and John Deere are poised to become the must-have outdoor toy this summer.