Create A Modern Contemporary Finish In Your Living Room!

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With the modern interior design trending towards creating a modern and contemporary finish. This article can show just how you can completely transform a traditional living room into a stunningly contemporary living space, but without having to sacrifice the warm ambience that the room already has. The first thing to establish is a colour scheme, a naturally warm scheme would range from an auburn almost red brown finish up to a natural vanilla finish. These warm colours would lend themselves perfectly to a warm living space. To create this stunning warm finish, I’ve started with a warm dark wood flooring such as walnut, the rich deep colour adds warmth to the room that beech, pine or another light wood would normally remove. This is contrasted with beech furniture, drawing attention to the coffee tables that would blend in if finished in a matching colour, this adds something to draw the eye around the room, meaning guests or visitors will see every detail, The beech coffee table in this picture compliments the dark wood flooring while drawing attention to the vase and flower situted on it. Complimenting the dark wood flooring and contrasting tables is the choice of seating. This stunning set of chocolate leather seats matches well with the flooring, while not blending in due to the the steel legs. The crowning glory of this room though is the fire. The Apex Rivas 100. This stunning fireplace is available in a choice of three different rear trims and five different front frames to buy it to suit the living space. Shown below is the bronze rear frame with the brushed steel front trim. This beautifully contemporary fire is beautifully displayed on the chimney breast, creating a focal point that not only fits with the decorum but also heats the room, generating up to 5.5kW of heat while also being energy efficient at up to 80%. The Rivas 100 comes as standard with either the log effect shown below or pebble fuel effect for an even more contemporary finish when combined with the cream fireback (black shown) as well as the luxury of remote control as standard, allowing control of the fire from the comfort of your own chair. Or for those looking for the “letterbox” look rather than the strong square finish of the Rivas 100, the Rivas 60 is available, this combines all the features and style of the Rivas 100 with a letterbox style trim and window, ideal for smalled rooms when perhaps the Rivas 100 may dominate.

Which Light Bulb and Why?

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In the eco-friendly age we live in we all strive to do what we can for the environment, many of us have changed from using the traditional incandescent bulbs in our appliances, but what have you changed to, more than likely an energy saving bulb or possibly LED (Light Emitting Diode) ? Or maybe you haven’t got around to changing your bulbs as the old ones haven’t blown, or are cheaper to buy in some supermarkets so why save the planet and let the bank balance suffer?
Well these are all concerns that cross most peoples minds, and it could be because you haven’t been made fully aware of the differences between the bulbs that are available, if so read on.
There are three main types of bulb being used in the United Kingdom at the moment, the incandescent bulb, the energy saving (CFL) bulb, and the LED.
Firstly the incandescent bulb is traditionally the type of bulb we all remember as a child, (the type that appeared when we had a bright idea!) and is the type that is being faded out, or replaced,  as they consume large amount of energy and last for much less time in comparison to the other two types, typically 1000-2000 hours, thus costing more to run in electricity bills and damaging the environment by costing more to run and by having to make more on a regular basis.
Energy saving light bulbs or compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL) are a vast improvement on the fore mentioned bulbs when it comes to energy saving, and they last typically up to 15000-20000 hours. However on the negatives they take time to reach full luminosity, usual it’s only seconds, but this can be annoying, and they can be prone to flickering, they may take time to get used to (literally!). CFL bulbs also contains the neurotoxic mercury, that must be disposed of correctly to protect the environment. Even so the pros far outweigh the cons, so should be used when possible.
LED lights consume the lowest amount of energy when used, and contain no mercury, and last on average 30000-50000 hours. They are the dearest option at the moment to buy, but yet again the pros out weigh the cons and these would be the option for me, if I could afford to replace all the bulbs in my home at once, which for many isn’t a possibility. LED lights often say they provide the same light as other bulbs but use less wattage and actually they don’t seem to deliver, many people also believe that LED’s provide a whiter, more clinical light and take some getting used to.
So overall there are reasons to and not to use each type of bulb, I would suggest trying each type out as your existing incandescent bulbs blow, that way you can judge for yourself whether LED or CFL  bulbs are the best. Just to make it more of a dilemma a marked difference can be found in LED and CFl bulbs that are made by differing manufacturers, it’s all about finding the right type of lights for your taste.
One thing is for definite is that the traditional incandescent bulb is on the way out, buy an energy saving bulb, it will help the environment and save you money in the long run.

JH Miller Italian Lighting Specialists

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J.H. Miller and Sons Ltd, ever heard of them? well if not you can be excused as it isn’t a name that you would instantly recognise as a company that specialise in lighting, unless your in the trade that is.

JH Miller have been a leading manufacturer and distributor of traditional and contemporary wall lights and multi arm pendant lights, or chandeliers to you and me. They are specialists in lighting and have over 50 years experience in the market setting benchmarks of quality and finish as all their products are meticulously inspected before being dispatched.

All the products from JH Miller are Italian hand made, with each design being patented, and each item being individually tested to meet latest regulations. This ensures that JH miller products have a uniqueness and the best possible workmanship and quality available.

As a lighting specialist there are a lot of choice provided by JH Miller. There latest brochure boasts hundreds of designs, some include a 24 carrot gold plated finish, or Swarovski crystal embellishments.

If you want a room to be finished off with a classy, unique and high quality look, then at without doubt you should peruse the top class product ranges by JH Miller, that are available only from reputable dealers. They are not the cheapest lighting solution, but, in this case, you are paying for the quality of the product received.