A Jungle Gym keep the kids in trim

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Jungle Gym is the brand name of a company that make wooden climbing frames and dens that have a multitude of additions for your children to enjoy in the garden.

Jungle Gym make climbing frames for domestic use, even though they look remarkably similar to the type of climbing apparatus that can be found on commercial premises such as your local park or a pubs beer garden.

The climbing frames produced by Jungle Gym are high quality garden structures, many are designed to be used by several children at the same time and they have a truly tremendous array of optional additions you can purchase if you need to that will add size and dimension to the Jungle Gym or to add interest and intrigue.

These climbing frames and there accessories stimulate physical and mental development and gives a parent piece of mind knowing that your little ones are in the safety of an environment you and they know and trust.

The cost of owning such Jungle Gym varies from shop to shop and site to site,  and depending on the model you can spend from a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand pounds. So shop around for the best unit that suites you, but make sure that you get everything in your kit to assemble, the wood, fixtures and fittings, as it saves time sourcing materials and make it easier to put up.

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Is Borderstone in your garden?

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Borderstone is a company that is very established and has been trading for many years. Borderstone is one of several companies that are part of Aggregate industries and most of the companies associated with Aggregate industries provide materials for the building and construction industries. Borderstone supply decorative paving, gravel and pebbles for the garden, as well as garden and water features.

The garden features and water features are what we’ll be concentrating on as Borderstone provide a tremendous array of garden ornaments, statues, features and water features that are either made from reconstituted stone or natural stone. These items a very desirable and attractive and can often be found in the high end garden centers, due to the fantastic quality of Borderstone products.

The first noticeable observation that can be made about the garden or water features is the beauty that is portrayed in each piece. If you have a look at the reconstituted stone products for example, these use real stone, which has been crushed, then molded to form intricately detailed garden features or impressive water features.

The superb design flare is shown once again in the Borderstone Natural stone products as they will use cuts of sandstone that show the best possible veining and then highly polish the stone so it leaves a stunning rainbow effect that look brighter and colour enriched when wet and so these products lend themselves ideally to water features.

Borderstone also use granite and other types of natural stone to great effect creating sphere garden features or standing stones that give dimension and are interesting wherever they are positioned. These garden features have been drilled to allow the possibility of turning them into water features and Borderstone supply suitable water pumps and bases to allow this. All the natural stone features look different, and arguably more beautiful, when wet so it is great to have the option.

Borderstone mainly deal business to business, so you will more than likely only get one of their products through a garden center or well established company, but they are definitely worth keeping an eye out for Borderstone products as they are truly a quality product.

Fancy a BBQ? Do you think of Napoleon?

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Napoleon Grills are a company that manufacture barbecue grills that are built to the highest of standards and are becoming more readily available in the United Kingdom.

Napoleon Gourmet Grills originated in Canada as a small business and has had great success and is now broadening its horizons to pastures new.

The company is very proud of its heritage and are proud of their product, and so they should be as they manufacture a whole range of products but have had most success in the barbecuing or grilling section of the company.

The success surely comes from the high standard of materials used on the products and the high specification finish to them too. An example of this is how Napoleon use 304 grade steel for the components that get very hot and how externally the barbecues or grills are coated in a rust resistant coating or painted finish. Napoleon also include a lot of innovation in there appliances. They now produce charcoal, gas and electric grills, from smaller portable grills to grills for the family and even professional grills too.

Accessories are also a great addition to the grill provided, and Napoleon have brought innovation and style to these items as well, allowing you to have your very own spit roast or rotisserie, purpose built griddle, built in ice bucket or even cook on a plank of wood! Obviously most of these ideas have been conceived before, but to have them integrated into your home barbecuing experience is something quite special.

The overall feeling about these BBQ grills is that they are very very good quality, and the higher the cost of the barbecue in the range, the more features you acquire, the quality is superb throughout the ranges and worth having a look at even if you don’t wish to buy as they are high quality items that are often more impressive then the cooker in your own home!

Most Napoleon barbecue grills come with a limited lifetime warranty, now this means that some parts are under warranty for the length of time that you own the grill, indeed a lifetime. Most of the parts that are not included in the lifetime warranty are minor parts and are covered under warranty to a specified number of years. Napoleon Gourmet Grills only allow their products to be sold by reputable dealers whether online or in stores so if you get the chance then have a look, they’re sure to impress, and maybe next time you think of having a BBQ you’ll think of Napoleon!